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The Big Picture

The Fifth Long Night of Research (LUNA) in Bolzano

Friday, 30 September, from 5 PM to midnight


When looking at the present crises that have been causing havoc with mankind, one comes to realize that our world will be different in the future. What we need is a broader, more open-minded perspective that enables us to peer beyond the boundaries of our habitual ways of doing things, our specialized disciplines and our conventional ideologies, and that can also visualize the pluralism and the inherent contradictions of our modern, globally-networked world. This year’s edition of the Long Night of Research (LUNA) will show that in times of political and economic crises, scientists can provide this “big picture” – a broader point of view gained through networking with colleagues across the EU and based on their knowledge and the results of their research. People will learn that scientists can help them understand what is happening in the world and that their research aims to provide concrete solutions to confront the manifestations of global problems in our region.

Please touch! 127 display stands in 16 venues all over the city

EURAC Research, unibz and IDM Südtirol together with 13 other partners will be opening their doors for the fifth time on September 30, allowing visitors the opportunity to have a proper look at the work of the scientists, to enter into discussions and conduct experiments with them, to be amazed and to have fun. From 5 PM until midnight, a free shuttle-service will connect all the 16 venues located all over the city. The programme features 127 display stands offering activities for all ages, from scientific games, interactive presentations and experiments, to science performances targeting families, young people and adults during the whole event.

EURAC Research gives the Big Picture of all its different research activities by showing what Bolzano will be like 20 years from now: “2036 - Sofia’s World”. Our guide through this world is Sofia, an eight-year-old girl. Sofia is an animated character with a virtual presence in EURAC Research. After downloading an app the visitors can see her become alive in augmented reality. She conducts them through an interactive course, where kids and adults can experience

how Sofia lives and how their own future life in Bolzano will be. They will sing together with Sofia “Happy Birthday” in many languages, a litmus test will show how medicine will become personalized in the future and with the help of an interactive model visitors can materialize their own ideas of future landscapes.



Repairing, making, recycling, upcycling and energy efficiency are the central topics that will be covered by IDM during LUNA. The aim is to make visitors aware that everything is related to everything else, that everybody leaves their ecological footprint and contributes to the success or failure

of the Big Picture.

In the Disassembly Café, children and young people in particular will learn how to become competent at taking apart old and broken devices, thereby potentially recovering recyclable materials. Children will be supported not only by collaborators of IDM but also by employees of the Santini

Do it yourself!



A huge Lego-model will show how “smart” Bolzano will be in 20 years. The model is divided into two interconnected parts: One of them is placed in EURAC Research and the other part in the emerging technology park “NOI Techpark”, which will be presented for the first time as a research

venue during LUNA.

Furthermore, augmented reality glasses will show visitors at the construction site what the completed technology park will look like.

At unibz researchers will demonstrate how computers can use pre-existing concepts and combine them artfully and in surprising ways to generate novel and useful outputs. In particular, they will demonstrate how to combine theories in mathematics, and how the blending of harmonizations in music creates new musical styles. Furthermore, people can test the authenticity of typical food from South Tyrol such as apples, milk and cheese in the laboratories of unibz.

Food and music

The whole night the bars at EURAC Research, unibz, hospital, IDM and NOI Techpark are serving special LUNA dishes. The Night will finish at EURAC with an “After-science party” (from midnight onwards, open-end).

The venues


  • Agentur für Bevölkerungsschutz – Agenzia per la Protezione civile (Civil Protection Agency)
  • Alperia (Electric Utility Company)
  • Claudiana (College for Health Professions)
  • ECO-Research
  • EURAC Research
  • IDM Südtirol
  • KlimaHaus Agentur/ Agenzia CasaClima (Climate House Agency)
  • Krankenhaus/ Ospedale (Hospital)
  • Microgate (Professional Timing and Control Systems)
  • Museion (Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art)
  • Naturmuseum Südtirol/ Museo Scienze Naturali Alto Adige (Museum of Natural History)
  • NOI Techpark
  • Pegelstation Talfer/ Stazione idrometrica sul Talvera (Talvera Hydrometric Station)
  • STA Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG/ STA Strutture Trasporto Alto Adige (South Tyrolean Transportation Company)
  • Unibz (Free University of Bolzano-Bozen)
  • Wasserstoffanlage llT/ Impianto di produzione idrogeno lld (Hydrogen Production Plant)